Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement 9.0

Opens and edits the content of PDF files

Edits all kinds of PDF documents by accessing their contents such as text blocks, images, interactive links, etc. The program also provides a toolset for customizing page structure, numeration, add or remove watermarks, change backgrounds, headers, footers, fonts, etc.

Creating, editing, commenting, or enhancing PDF documents has become common practice. In order to do so, you can rely on Wondershare PDFelement, a trustworthy PDF editor with most of the features that you find in similar high-end PDF tools. It allows you to create new documents, add text and images to existing ones, rearrange their pages, OCR their content, extract their images, and perform a wide range of other actions.

If you have ever used any of the versions of Adobe’s Acrobat editor, you may miss some of its functionality when moving to PDFelement. Some of them are present in the Pro version, and some others are completely missing from both products, such as the direct access to the PDF tags and all the features associated with making the PDF file accessible for persons with a print disability. Other than these features, this powerful tool offers you everything you need to create and edit any PDF document with ease.

Actually, in many cases it is easier to deal with the text of a PDF file using PDFelement than any Acrobat editor. With this tool, adding text or changing a paragraph, changing the type and the size of a font, etc., is more intuitive, with a more straightforward WYSIWYG approach. Reflowing the text and putting every element in its right place is still a bit of a nuisance, but that’s a PDF thing, not a limitation of this PDF editor.

Listing all the features and capabilities of PDFelement is not the purpose of this review – you can go through its exhaustive list of functions in the program’s web page if you wish. Suffice it to say that every little feature related to viewing and reading a PDF file, commenting and reviewing it, editing and modifying its layout, rearranging its pages, extracting its images as individual files, merging it with another file, protecting it with secure passwords, or creating and filling in forms is mainly covered. One function I’d like to highlight is its OCR support. Its OCR engine, which supports more than 20 languages, can convert any image-based or scanned PDF file into searchable and editable text in no time and with a high level of accuracy.

PDFelement is not cheap, though its price tag is not as steep as Adobe’s professional editor. It is hard to avoid comparing every PDF editor with the mother-of-all-PDF-editors, and in that sense, I have mixed feelings. In terms of functionality, none has reached the level of the creators of the PDF file, but I must admit that PDFelement is more advanced in terms of usability. If you think you won’t miss any of the functions not present in none of the versions of this product, then PDFelement is a great alternative that can help you save not only in license fees but also in working time.

Francisco Martínez
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Review summary


  • Edit the text, paragraphs, and font types of the PDF file
  • Includes an OCR engine for scanned text
  • Rearrange and manage PDF pages
  • Extract all images from a PDF file
  • Fill PDF forms


  • Lacks specific accessibility features
  • Requires a steep license fee
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